While Amanda has had impressive success at the highest levels of show jumping, with some pretty credible achievements to her name, she realised several years ago that there was something missing in her training, so turned her focus to gaining better understanding of horsemanship and flatwork, as well as how horses (and riders) process and deal with stress.

Her work with human trauma, which relates very closely to horses, has given her a unique window into understanding horse behaviour and how to educate them in a way that promotes happy, stress free individuals.

While her training methods are up there with the best, Amanda is quick to acknowledge that like many professionals the process isn't always smooth sailing and there can be a lot of mistakes and disappointment along the way, a behind the scenes reality that the public is not often privy too. She hopes that through her learning journey she can inspire people to embrace the lows and use them as an opportunity to learn and grow as horsemen and woman for the betterment of the horse.